Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kentucky Prepares for Tornadoes

Storm Shelters Installed at Kentucky Locations

Following the aftermath of the storms that ripped through eastern Kentucky on March 2, 2012, ABARTA heeded the warning signs and made plans to provide safe shelter for employees in case the weather took another turn.  Tornadoes killed dozens of people and destroyed many homes in surrounding communities, but the Martha plant and field office had little damage and no injuries.

Two pre-made concrete storm shelters weighing 6 tons each have been installed at the field office and the gas plant.  The shelters were delivered pre-made, measure 67” wide X 146” long X 60.5” high and will seat 14 people.  Operations Manager, Jamie Preece, says “I expect if a tornado were coming, it would hold a lot more.”  Each storm shelter has a ventilation system, flashlights, first aid kits and water in place.  We hope these shelters are never needed and hope employees find some comfort in knowing they are there.